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Dog Treats - Why You Want to Use Them?

It is not a secret that rewarding someone has the greatest motivation effects. Humans enjoy different kinds of rewards and definitely food is not among the top rewards. However dogs love these little tasty pieces of food they are given when they do something right. Dog treats are a great way to not only train your dog but show him your appreciation every time he does something correctly. Dog treats are in the basis of the reward training and that is why it is worthed for you to try some of the techniques below. Teach your dog to come when asked to.Teaching your dog to come to you when you call him is one of the first things he should master. This is not only convenient for you but important for the dog as it could save his life in some situations.Teaching a dog to come is not a problem in general. Most dogs like to belong and that is why it is likely that they would react to the voice of their master and naturally come to him. However this has nothing to do with the real obedience that is required of your dog...


Working With Dogs Safe Techniques

PPE should always be used to prevent any accidents from happening whilst working in any business environment as well as with working with animals. PPE should be individually tailored to suit the needs of what act you are undertaking, if you feel there is not adequate PPE or it is not appropriate you should use alternative methods.It is always important to use safe lifting techniques so you are able to prevent injury to yourself or possibly to others working around you as well as the animal that you are working with, so remember not to injure yourself or those around you by using bad lifting techniques this may advocate the animal also.If you feel the dog is too heavy to be lifted up try using two persons within the facility to lift the animal and always ensuring both of you carry out the correct lifting procedures with the animal you are dealing with.If the animal is wild or if it is of a bad temperament then always ensure you take precautions such as placing a muzzle over the dogs snout to prevent yourself f...


A Happy and Healthy Dog

Have you tried out all sorts of dog foods and you saw that none of them is good enough for your beloved pet? Well it is time to take the matter into your own hands. As you probably know, day after day more chemicals are mixed into the dog food recipes. Some of these chemicals are artificial flavors and colors, preservatives or propylene glycol. Like a human being, your dog needs his own diet and nutritional intake. It is best to provide him with the amount of nutrients and proteins he needs for a healthy life. As every creature, dogs need a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and water. Not all dog food producers give their best to create a balanced product.Try to feed your dog as natural as you can. Maybe you bought once a great dog food you heard about on TV or saw commercials all over town and when you fed your dog the food, he did not even touch it. Afterwards you left him the full bowl and went to see your show and the other day the bowl was empty. Well maybe the poor thing got hungry an...


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